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Why Some Women Prefer Feminine Men

How the pill can affect partner preference

Do you ever wonder why some women are so dominant and prefer less masculine men?

Women who use oral contraceptive prefer men with less masculine features compared to women who don’t, according to new research.

Women taking oral contraceptives have more androgenic tendencies and tend to be more domineering and the masculine one in a relationship, which can also be why they tend to be attracted to less masculine men.

There is some evidence to suggest that taking oral contraceptives may impact partner preference in women. Specifically, studies have found that women who are taking hormonal contraceptives tend to be more attracted to men with less masculine facial features and other less traditionally masculine traits than women who are not taking hormonal contraceptives.

One theory is that hormonal contraceptives may alter a woman's natural hormonal balance, which can in turn affect her preferences for certain traits in a partner. For example, some studies have suggested that hormonal contraceptives may suppress a woman's production of certain hormones that are associated with attraction to more masculine men.

It's worth noting, however, that the research in this area is still relatively limited, and the results of different studies have not always been consistent.

Additionally, even if hormonal contraceptives do have an impact on partner preference, it's likely to be just one of many factors that influence whom a woman is attracted to.

Something to note is that men are more attracted to women smells and looks more during their fertile time of the month, which is a natural evolutionary state for pro creation. Women are also more attracted to masculine, muscular men during fertile times, per a number of studies.

Other problems with the pill are weight gain, nutrient depletion, decrease sex drive, disrupts a healthy gut microbiome, moodiness, depression and it’s a carcinogen.


The material provide in this article is for informational purposes only and not meant for medical advice. It is meant to educate, bring awareness and not replace a consultation with a licensed health care provider. A consultation with a qualified practitioner or other primary care provider is recommended for anyone suffering from a health problem.


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