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Functional Medicine

Who are our members?

Our wellness members are primarily women with a wide range of health conditions to include hormone imbalance, digestive disorders, autoimmune disease, hypothyroid issues, weight loss struggles, and chronic pain.


The members who do best under our care: 
  • Are interested in finding the cause of their health problems instead of suppressing the symptoms with medication. 

  • Don't want to rely on any unnecessary medical procedures or drugs for a lifetime. 

  • Are committed to their health and motivated to play an active role in their own healing.

  • Are willing to make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to transform their health in order to become the best version of themselves.  

We do the investigating for you...

Many of our members would call us “health detectives.”  We focus on finding the root cause of the problem and address the cause instead of suppressing the symptoms with medication. As health detectives, we use a variety of tools in our office including, detailed questionnaires, extensive history, blood tests, hormone testing, stool, urine, and saliva testing.


We then implement nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, supplements, aroma therapy, lifestyle changes, stress management, and detoxification methods to restore health and proper balance.

When the root cause of illness is addressed, it allows for true healing to occur. By understanding the major systems of the body, how the systems are related, and how those systems function and can be restored, many of the common chronic illnesses can be prevented and reversed. 

What is our health and wellness philosphy?

In our office, we practice a new approach to health and wellness. It’s a model that has been referred to as systems approach or functional medicine. Functional medicine uses a very personalized plan designed to address today’s healthcare challenges by finding and addressing the underlying cause of disease instead of just treating the symptoms in addition to getting healthy without prescription drugs or surgery. 

Functional Medicine is:
  • Personalized – A customized approach that treats the patient not the disease. It’s not one size fits all.

  • Preventative – It’s about cultivating healthy changes that last a lifetime.

  • Integrative – It’s about working with all your doctors as a team and using both modern and traditional medicine for your highest good. 

  • Safe – We do not use drugs in our treatments and our treatments have mild or no side effects.

  • Holistic – It’s about looking at the person as a whole person (mind, body, & spirit)

  • Investigative – It’s about using modern testing procedures and detailed questionnaires to seek the underlying cause.

  • Restorative – We design a customized program to promote optimal function, prevent and reverse disease, and improve the quality of life long term, not temporary.

  • Empowering – It’s about  giving you tools to use in your health journey with diet, exercise, and stress management protocols designed to help you become best version of you.

  • Evidence-based – Our programs are based on the latest research from peer-reviewed medical journals.

What conditions do we treat?

Traditional allopathic medicine has a specialized doctor for every body part:  ophthalmologist for the eyes, cardiologist for the heart, nephrologist for the kidney, and pulmonologist for the lungs, to name a few. In functional medicine and functional nutrition, we see the body as a whole unit with its systems interconnected. In order to take care of one part of the body, all other parts must be considered too.


When we work with our members, we look at sleep, diet, marital status, ethnicity, exercise activity, and various other factors that can be linked to the health condition you might be experiencing. Seeking patterns and commonalities allows us to offer strategies that can affect multiple systems, allowing you to recover faster and completely.  


Our belief is that a healthy body will heal itself under the proper conditions. We don’t treat disease. However, we do help the body reach optimal conditions when challenged with health problems including:

  • Adrenal Fatigue

  • Anxiety

  • Arthritis

  • Autoimmune/Cancer

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Diabetes

  • Digestive Disorders (GERD/Reflux, IBD, IBS)

  • Elevated Cholesterol

  • Female Disorders (Infertility, Menopause, PCOS, PMS)

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Headaches

  • Hormone Imbalances

  • Metabolic Syndrome, Pre-diabetes, Insulin resistance

  • Migraines

  • Obesity and Overweight

  • Sleep Issues and Insomnia 

  • Stress

  • Thyroid Disorders

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