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 How To Get Started with The Detox

Cleansing  & Anti-inflammatory Eating Plans

Congratulations on making the commitment to radically transform your health and life.  In this section you will find what to do and expect as you begin the testing process to find the root cause of your problem. Whether it's difficulty losing weight, infertility, blood sugar dysfunction, PMS, Peri-menopause, menopause, thyroid dysfunction or autoimmune this is a good template to start as we await your results.  This program is simple and very easy to follow. 




Step #1 

Complete home baking soda test in the morning. Complete additional tests required. Every person is different and will require to complete 1, 2 or more tests.





Step #2
Start the eating plan recommended for you and any supplements recommended


           7 Day Detox Cleansing Plan



Anti-inflammatory Eating Plan

       Easy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
                      Prep Ideas

            How to Dose Vitamin D

Step #3

The office will contact you when test results are in and schedule an appointment to review your results and protocol.

Step #4

Check our website, YOUTUBE  for other videos, check out our facebook page and instagram account as we post lots of new wellness tips daily.

Dutch Test - How To

GI Map - How To

Blood Test - How To

Know Your Serving Size

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Protein Based
Eating Template
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Detox Cleansing Shopping List & Recipes

Anti-Inflammatory Shopping List & Recipes

Keto Eating Plan

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