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Lake Havasu Holistic Women's Wellness Collaborative

Greetings From Your Doctors

Dr. Linda Marquez Goodine

What Women Feel Like But What They Really Want

Most Women Can Relate......
  • Gain weight in their peri-menopause or menopause years

  • Gain stubborn belly fat & muffin tops

  • Cut out calories & still gain weight

  • Increase cardio & no change in weight or gain more

  • Try the diet detox plan that was a sure fix for fast weight loss before but doesn't work anymore

  • Bloating and digestive distress

  • Adult onset acne

  • Low energy & fatigue

  • No sex drive

  • Brain fog 

  • Sleep issues

You want to feel like this.......
  • Experience more energy

  • Be in a better mood

  • Improve your hair growth

  • Have glowing and clearer skin

  • Get rid of stubborn belly fat

  • Have pain-free healthy periods

  • Transition into menopause effortlessly

  • Get your passion and excitement for life back

  • Increase sex drive

  • Radiant & healthy skin

  • Get rid of sugar cravings

  • Improve your digestion

  • Reverse aging

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide natural wellness strategies to empower women to be the CEO of their own health (mind, body & spirit).

What We Believe

We believe YOU are in control of your own health.

We believe when you know better and UNDERSTAND your body,
you do better.

We believe YOUR quality of health determines YOUR quality of life. 


With everything going on in the world today, the cost of self-neglect has never been higher. Now is the time to reclaim your mind and body and become the CEO of your health.

Our monthly meetings are to empower you and connect with other amazing like minded women who want more for their health and life.  You will learn about natural and drugless strategies to optimize hormone balance, increase energy, release the weight for good, use food as medicine, herbal medicine, ozone therapy, IV therapies, advanced anti-aging modalities, gut health strategies, personalized medicine and so much more!

The Best's no cost to attend but you must RSVP

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