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How to Be Happy


Are you often telling yourself, "I just want to be happy." You are not alone! Lately, it's been something more familiar than I want to admit. When this pops up, it's time to take action! Here are some helpful hacks:

Be Grateful - have a gratitude journal or write a letter of gratitude – if you spend a minimum of 5 minutes of doing this you create a momentum of gratitude that raises your vibrational frequency. It’ like turning the dial on your radio tuner until you find a song you like. You are looking for a song to uplift you and raise your vibrational or happy frequency.

Use Essential Oils – the olfactory bulb in the nose is connected to the limbic system part of the brain which influences memory and emotions. Specific smells like mom or grandma’s cooking may evoke a sense of love or the smell of a cologne or perfume of a loved one takes you back to a memorable experience.

Plan Ahead – I think most of us are on overwhelm and are juggling so many balls (projects or commitments) that we keep going in fear of dropping one of the balls (a project or commitment). If you have a checklist, especially for the following day, and get the to-do list out of your head and on to paper, it allows you to enjoy the present moment. You can see exactly what is important and what 2-3 things must get done to experience a feeling of accomplishment, which for many equates to happiness.


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