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Do Your Genes Determine Your Destiny?


You’ve probably heard or maybe have even said “I will end up just like my mother because it’s in our genes.”

That statement is far from the truth. Yes it’s true that our DNA is our blueprint or genetic code for controlling our physiology but it doesn’t dictate your health.

What exactly are genes?

Genes are simply segments of the DNA carried on chromosomes and determine specific characteristics such as height, hair and eye color.

Gene produce proteins which CONTROL the characteristics or traits. However, there are other FACTORS that control the expression of our genes. What’s controlling our genes is the epigenome.

What is the epigenome?

The epigenome is a cellular material that sits on top of the genome. They don’t alter the genetic code. They tell the genome what to do and they turn on and off specific biological pathways.

This fascinating finding means that your genetic make-up IS NOT the primary determinant of your health, longevity and risk for disease!

What is the genome?

Genome is the complete set of genetic instructions that determine the TRAITS of an organism. The GENE is a UNIT or segment of the DNA.

If my genes don’t determine my disease, then what does?

The expression of your genome is what determines disease. The abnormal genotype doesn’t impact the PHENOTYPE.

The phenotype are the characteristics of an individual as the result of the INTERACTION with the genotype with the environment.

Let’s take a look at this closer.

If there is CHRONIC activation of the sympathetic nervous system, it can cause the Beta adrenergic receptors to promote the metastatic phenotype in breast cancer and other types of cancers.

You can see there is a CONNECTION between high levels of STRESS and lack of vagus nerve activity specifically, which is the most important nerve in the parasympathetic nervous system that extends throughout the body and calms us down, which determines GENE EXPRESSION.

What influences the genome? ✅Diet





✅ Social relationships

✅ Environmental factors

Another factor that impacts genes are aging which switch genes off and on due to the body’s chemistry.

The dis-ease state will stimulate changes that cause genes to deviate from their normal and healthy state.

How to control your genetic destiny?

Follow the flow of our ancestors and how they lived 200 years ago..

👉 Eat wholesome foods closest to their natural state without labels, antibiotics and sustainably raised.

👉 Our ancestors arose with the sun and started to shut down their activities at sundown.

👉 They walked or biked everywhere.

👉 They had strong social bonds.

👉They used natural cleaning agents that were chemical free.


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