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25 Healthy Habits To Create For A Lifetime Part 2

The Best 25 Healthy Habits to Create for A Life Time Part 2 (VIDEO)

#6 Use Spices

Adding fresh or dried spices to your meals can dramatically alter a dish, add distinctive mouth watery flavor to your typical bland ingredients. A spice can have a different flavor when paired with other spices and the type of food.

Beef Seasonings

  • Basil - fresh or dried in beef stew or ground beef recipes; it has a very powerful flavor that brightens up any dish

  • Rosemary- fresh or dried but mostly dried with prime rib and beef stew; it adds a piney flavor and pairs up well with some of the greasier meats I love it on my rib eye

  • Thyme- best fresh but can be used dried, goes well with filet mignon, beef stew or a steak marinade; has a lemony taste

  • Parsley – best fresh and added at the end of cooking beef stroganoff, meat balls and beef stew; it gives it a brightness and freshness to the dishes

  • Sage – fresh or dried works well especially for a steak marinade topping, give it some time marinate and top off the steak, it also goes well with a herb crusted roast beef ;has a fragrant aroma and warm taste

Fish Seasonings

A great all around combo is mixing the following spices in a bowl and add them to your fish. You can’t go wrong this magical combo:

  • Black pepper – sharp flavor and pungent aroma

  • Dry mustard seed powder – tangy flavor

  • Sea salt – enhance all other flavors and gives them a burst

  • Celery seed – earthy bitter powerful taste

  • Paprika - Adds a sweet note and a red color.

  • Bay leaves – adds a woodsy taste

  • Ginger – has a spicy, zesty bite

  • Cinnamon – both sweet and savory

  • Cardamom – warm and aromatic

  • Cloves – sweet and warm

  • Allspice -pungent and deep flavor

Poultry Seasonings

  • Basil- is great for Italian dishes and pairs up best with oregano, thyme and garlic

  • Bay leaf – have a woodsy taste, aromatic and very potent, usually all you need is one

  • Black pepper (pink and white go well too)

  • Cinnamon – has a unique fragrance with a sweet, woody and fruity flavor all in one

  • Garlic – fresh or powdered it has a very distinct taste that adds a savory flavor

  • Ginger – gives a sweet and spicey flavor to sweet and savoruy dishes. Dried gingers and fresh ginger have a different flavor;Dried is used in many baked goods while fresh ginger in soups and stews

  • Parsley- brings a freshness of flavor to any dish; it’s often used as a garnish fresh or used as a dried herb for cooking

Other worthy mentions

  • Cayenne Pepper – if you need a little bit of spicy heat to your meal this will do the trick, a little goes a long way

  • Cilantro -

  • Paprika – a versatile spice that can be mild or hot and often used in Hungarian, Spanish, South American dishes

  • Turmeric – has a warm earthy flavor and goes well with Indian and Caribbean cuisines and pickled foods

#7 Limit Sugar intake & carb intake

According to the AHA women should limit their sugar intake to 25 g/day which is 6 tsp, 100 calories and for men 36 grams/day which is 9 tsp/day or 144 calories per day.

What does that look like?

  • 1 medium apple, about 3 inches in diameter has 19 grams of sugar

  • 1 cup of strawberries has 7 grams of sugar

If you are trying to lose weight a low carb diet may be ideal for you. The daily limit of 20 to 60 grams of carbohydrates is typical with low carb diets. In my clinical experience women tend to do better in the 40 to 60 grams range.

Your carbs should come from vegetables and fruits.

#8 Create several workout routines

Exercise should be part of your lifestyle, so creating fun routines or varying your activity takes the boredom out of exercise and makes it fun. Make a list of different routines of forms of exercise.

  • Create different strength training routines, check out

  • 1-2 hour hike

  • 30 minutes of paddle boarding

  • 30-60 minutes of kayaking

  • 1 hour bike ride

  • 30 minutes swimming

  • 30 minutes of dancing

  • 20 minutes rebounding

  • 10 minutes vibrational platform machine

  • Spin class

  • Power yoga

  • Pilates

  • Football frisbee

#9 Get up every hour and move

Our society sits too much!!! You probably hear of sitting is the new smoking. We need to be mindful of our daily movement. Walk, for 5 minutes, do pushups, burpees or squats for 1 minute. The point is to get up and move, our bodies are functional and designed to be moving most of the day.

#10 Eat Real Food & Avoid Diet foods

Processed and prepackaged foods are marketed as fast and convenient meals but most of them are loaded with unhealthy ingredients like trans fats, sugars, and additives.

Trans fats extend the shelf life of prepackaged foods. They increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, stroke and heart attack.

Many processed foods especially baked goods contain lots of sugar. Most of the sugar is high fructose corn syrup which increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay and high cholesterol.

We also need to proceed with caution with food additives that are often used in pre-packaged foods. They are added in order to prevent or delay food from spoiling due to bacteria, mould, enzymes or other substances. Some of the most common food additives include calcium, sorbate, benzoic acid, propionic acid and sodium nitrite.

If you missed our first 5 check them out here or check out the video here and previous blog post.


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