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Benefits of Thyme Oil

Quick Facts:

-is a member of the mint family

-is antiseptic and antibacterial

-supports the immune, respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems

-can grow between 6-12 inches tall, in hot climates, and can sustain well in severe climates

Benefits of Using Thyme Oil:

  1. Can help treat respiratory conditions such as the common cold due to its antibacterial properties and helps reduce congestion.

  2. Its antiseptic nature helps the body rid of bacteria that causes infections and commonly used to treat intestinal, respiratory, and skin conditions. Studies have proven it to be strong enough to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

  3. Ideal for oral health as it can reduce problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, plaque, and bad breath.

  4. Great alternative for conventional bug repellent products. A few drops of thyme oil with a carrier oil such as coconut rubbed on the skin can keep mosquitos, fleas, and lice away.

  5. Can help with hormone balance in women by improving progesterone production as well as treating menopause/PMS symptoms.

  6. Promotes blood circulation in the body, increasing blood flow and reducing stress on the heart.

  7. Diffusing a few drops can help ease anxiety and stress, helping you achieve a more relaxed state of mind.

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