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How Well Do You Know Your Mushrooms?

When you think of mushrooms maybe you think about those you buy at the grocery store to throw in to your stir fry or the mushrooms you find out in the forest while on a nature hike. However, there are thousands of species out there, many of which have yet to be classified.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), medicinal mushrooms are renowned for the many benefits that come from consumption.

What species of medicinal mushrooms are most commonly used?



-Turkey Tail



What are the benefits of using mushrooms?

  1. Have antioxidant properties that help the immune system.

  2. Can help with relaxing the mind and body.

  3. Are used to manage blood sugar levels and help kidney function.

  4. Great for brain health support.

  5. Are often used in cancer treatments/protocols.

When considering the use of medicinal mushrooms, make sure to first consult with your provider to determine what is the best option for you.

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