Welcome to the Keto Lifestyle 

for Women Project

It's time to have a love relationship with you, food, your body and feel amazing!
The online prorgam starts Thursday, January 25, 2018




It's time to feel vibrant, heal your body and eat real delicious food without deprivation and guilt!

Almost everything is stacked against us so it's impossible to eat real food, instead we have easy access to sugar laden and fast foods and use sugar as fuels. We are sugar burners. This causes us to be dependent on sugar and carbs as fuel and we get HANGRY (hungry & angry), moody, sugar cravings and irritable.

However when our bodies use fat as fuel, an amazing transformation occurs and it's almost effortless to create a healthy and vibrant body and release any unnecessary fat along the way!

So if you are new to the keto diet and lifestyle let me share how it works.

The keto diet allows you to use fat as fuel

 instead of sugar as fuel and when you create a healthy and balanced body.

Maybe You've.....

Tried the Keto Diet....

Heard of the Keto Diet.......

Been on the  Keto Diet


got sick so you stopped.

looks like its too hard and confusing.

got stuck and things are the same now.

I know exactly how you feel because I have been there and been able to help other women break through challenges and into the keto lifestyle with ease. 

The keto diet and lifestyle has been transformational for my health and allowed me to get my energy back, recalibrate my hormones, re-ignite my passion for life and even exercise. My attitude changed from "have to do this" to "get to do this!"

This keto lifestyle helped me feel like I once did in college.......... a desire for dreams, goals, and the excitement and vigor to attain them.

But it was a roller coaster ride

Because I don't give up and believe there is a solution out there for every problem, enjoy to research, have an unquenchable thirist for knowledge and access to some of the most amazing functional medicine practitioners and nutritionists I made it work!

During the process I kept going back to my training of hormones and how they are the body's language of communication.

               Women's Hormones Are Constantly Changing  


with some really high highs and low lows! Something male doctors only heard of but never experienced!

And how is this connected to Ketosis & Keto Diet & Lifestyle? Everything you eat has an impact on your health. Your health is depends on hormones and your hormones depend on the type, quality and quantity of food, and the time you eat it


The biggest mistakes I have seen women trying to do the keto lifestyle is that they try the way men do and we are so different!! 

So instead of tring to do it the man's way it's time to do it our way because we are women and we need to re-calibrate our hormones differently. Our body is like a chemistry lab and who better than a woman to teach you!!


So if you are ready to sink your heels into this, let's do it!!  I made this very affordable to less than $2 per day. That is less than a cup of starbucks coffee. If you are serious about changing your health and becoming the best version of you then it's time to get going!


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